Joe S.

Electrical Contractor

pocketwrench as prybar"This is the best wrench I have ever used! Fits em all and fits in my pocket! Thanks Burktek!"

Susie P.


pocketwrench as wrench"I use my pocketwrench so often I just keep it on my keychain for whenever I might need it!"

John S.


pocketwrench as hex tool"The pocketwrench is the indispensible tool I keep on me at all times. It's amazing what you can do with it!"

Ron W.

Computer Technician

"I never would have thought the pocketwrench would come in as handy as it has. Everyone needs one!"


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"Just a brief testimonial on the Pocketwrench II™. I've had one for almost 10 years now, that I carried in the belt pouch of my SOG (specialty knife), next to my Innova X1 (flashlight). It was absolutely indespensible to me and I used it every day."

- ARLutz, Pocketwrench owner.